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The PVD Council actively participates in the publication of scientific statements or guidelines that are important to our members. We've included those along with articles or research that cover topics of interest to our members below.

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Cardiovascular Health in Turner Syndrome
09/24/2018 | This Scientific Statement provides updated information about the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases i...
Resistant Hypertension: Detection, Evaluation, and Management
09/13/2018 | Resistant hypertension (RH) is defined as a blood pressure (BP) of a hypertensive patient that remains elevated above...
An Update on Radial Artery Access and Best Practices for Transradial Coronary An
09/04/2018 | Transradial artery (TRA) access for percutaneous coronary intervention is associated with lower bleeding and other va...

PVD Chair's Message

Aruna D. Pradhan, MD, MPHThe Council on Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) seeks to integrate the academic and clinical missions of all interdisciplinary vascular health professionals in order to expand professional and public vascular education; to advance the basic science and clinical research and evidence based practice; and to thereby improve clinical outcomes of individuals with PVD. Read Dr. Pradhan's full message

Aruna D. Pradhan, MD, MPH
Chair, Peripheral Vascular Disease Council

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Council Activities

Vascular Discovery 2018 attendees with red socksThe PAD Awareness Task Force’s mission is “working to improve the detection of symptomatic PAD by patients and providers to facilitate guideline-based treatment which will improve cardiovascular outcomes, walking fitness, and quality of life.” To learn how you can become involved contact

PVD Council Chair, Aruna D. Pradhan, MD, MPH, speaking during Vascular Discovery 2018 The PVD Council is currently collaborating with ISTH and the American Venous Forum on a white paper on research priorities in VTE. For more information on how to participate in more council science efforts contact

PVD Award from Vascular Discovery 2018The PVD Council funds several awards that support student, early career, and mid-career members recognized at Scientific Sessions and Vascular Discovery conferences. More details on each of the awards can be found on the council’s awards page.

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Woman-Chat icon for use with Anonymous Words of Wisdom quotesFusce Accumsan, MD, FAHA

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Mary M. McDermott, MD, FAHAPVD Fellow, McDermott Named Distinguished Scientist

Dr. McDermott is a leading clinician investigator studying lower extremity peripheral artery disease (PAD). Traditionally, the natural history of lower extremity outcomes in people with PAD and intermittent claudication was considered ‘benign’, because most people with PAD do not develop critical limb ischemia or worsening leg symptoms. Using a prospective study design with systematic assessment of objectively measured walking performance over time, Dr. McDermott’s investigative team demonstrated that people with PAD have greater functional impairment and faster functional decline than people without PAD.

Learn more about Dr. McDermott's accomplishments.

CME Education

Peripheral Artery Disease Simulation Series

Test your clinical assessment and critical thinking skills as you evaluate and manage patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD). In this set of 2 simulations, you will be immersed in a 3-D environment where you will interact with a life-like virtual patient, complete with dynamic monitoring, dialoguing, diagnostic testing, drugs, intervention options and performance debriefing.

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Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, FAHA, FACC

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