Council on Epidemiology and Prevention (EPI)

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Cheryl Anderson, PhD, MPH, FAHAWelcome to the American Heart Association (AHA) Council on Epidemiology and Prevention! We are a multidisciplinary council dedicated to improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans. Our members study and impact population and individual health using molecular, epidemiological, social, technological, data analytic and advocacy tools to understand and improve the causes, consequences... Read Dr. Anderson's full message

Cheryl Anderson, PhD, MPH, FAHA
Chair, Council on Epidemiology and Prevention


EPI | LIFESTYLE 2020 Scientific Sessions

Epidemiology and Prevention | Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health 2020 Scientific Sessions
March 3–6 2020
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

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The method for applying for funding is Web-based, using our electronic system, Grants@Heart.

Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes

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Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes publishes articles related to improving cardiovascular health and health care.

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COVID-19 Professional Resources
The AHA is working to ensure optimal care for patients with cardiovascular disease who contract coronavirus (COVID-19). Patients with und...
Rapid Diet Assessment Screening Tools for CVD Risk Reduction Across Healthcare
08/07/2020 | Poor dietary quality has surpassed all other mortality risk factors, accounting for 11 million deaths and 50% of cardiovascular disease (...

Scientific Sessions 2020

Scientific Sessions: Nov. 13–17

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