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Early Career Programming

Scientific Sessions 2018

November 10–12

Chicago, Illinois

Visit the 2018 Online Program Planner for assistance in easily navigating Scientific Sessions with hand-picked programs that focus on your specialty and educational interest.

Career development is an essential component of what drives our programming. Take a look at some of the Early Career programming:

  • 3CPR: Shark Tank Style – Watch a TV favorite come to life! This Shark Tank-inspired session will feature 5 mentors judging trainees during their 5-minute concept presentations. The winning trainee will get to choose one of the judges to become their long-term mentor. Concept presentations will include a mix of basic and translational topics in resuscitation and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Big Data, Small Data: David & Goliath – Watch as David (Big Data) takes on Goliath (Small Data) in this head-to-head battle of wits! You will have ample opportunity to participate in the Panel, get your questions answered, and challenge the discussion.
  • Communication: Pearls and Perils – This TED Talks-style session will cover topics such as:
    • How to deliver serious news to patients
    • Leveraging social media as a healthcare professional
    • Tips on giving an effective talk
    • Interview tips to get the job of your dreams
    • And many more!
  • CVRI Imaging Bootcamp: A Case Based Approach – This interactive session will highlight what’s new in cardiac PET/SPECT, MR, and CT through a case-based approach with audience response.
  • Early Career: Cardiac Electrophysiology: Making Decisions for a Productive and Engaging Career – This forum will feature a diverse panel of renowned EPs who will discuss their choice of career, deliberate options for research, private practice, managing time effectively, planning for career development, and specialty outlook for the future.
  • Key Pearls for Success from Diverse Leaders in Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia – With a focus on career path, promotion, and the integration of research with patient care, this session will provide medical students, residents, and young faculty investigators guidance for success as they progress through their careers.
  • Navigating Early Career Waters: Mentors, Funding, and Life Balance? – Topics that will be covered include:
    • Discussion on relevant updates and changes to the NIH and AHA proposal process
    • Group discussions about mentoring models addressing successful grant mentoring, post-doc and junior faculty negotiations, and general workplace negotiations for Early Career Faculty
    • The Kathleen A. Dracup Distinguished Lecture, which will address tips for Early Career nurse scientists
  • Succeeding at Every Stage: Insights from the ATVB Early Career Committee – Come join the ATVB Early Career Committee for a session geared towards students, post-docs and junior faculty looking to get insights about grant writing, dealing with journal reviewers and finding good mentorship as they transition to independence.
  • The Next Steps in Your Cardiology Career: An Interactive Session with Mentors  – This game show pits doctor against doctor to learn the fine details of navigating your career. Learn about grant funding, prepping for boards, finding jobs and mentors, teaching, building teams, and so much more!
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Science – This collaborative session will use real-life scenarios to discuss how to navigate the laboratory landscape, including: rigor and reproducibility, conflict resolution and hiring practices, and more.
  • Tackling Big Data: Network Systems Analysis for High Throughput Data Interpretation – This hands-on flipped classroom workshop introduces systems biology approaches for high throughput data analysis. Using systems analysis resources (Gene Ontology, enrichment, pathway, and network analysis), attendees will conduct downstream interpretation of existing proteomic datasets, and review strategies and findings with moderators during the session. Participants must view an online video in advance and will require WIFI-capable laptops during the session.
  • WTF: Where's The Funding? – This grant workshop focuses on the ins and outs of writing a grant, the review process, and most importantly how to succeed in getting funding.