Friday's Science News for HBPR 2014

September 9–12, 2014 | San Francisco, Calif.

SCIENCE NEWS coverage includes video interviews with council and program chairs, awards finalists and winners, and keynote lecturers as well as selected science and statistics related to the topics presented each day of the meeting.

Chris Wilcox, MD, PhD, FAHA and Greg Fink, PhD, FAHA, discuss some of the conference's best science with Pablo Ortiz, PhD.

Greg Fink, PhD, FAHA, speaks with several Early Career Investigators about how they benefitted from attending HBPR 2014.

The Excellence Award in Hypertension Research Lecture honoree Thomas M. Coffman, MD | Duke University, Durham, NC
Dr. Coffman's lecture topic was Life with Angiotensin Receptors.

The Excellence Award in Hypertension Research Lecture honoree Toshiro Fujita, MD, PhD | University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Fujita's lecture topic was Mechanisms of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension.

The Lewis K. Dahl Memorial Lecture honoree Bina Joe, PhD, FAHA | University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
The Dahl Lecture is presented each year at the High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions by a distinguished honoree from the field of hypertension. Dr. Joe's lecture topic was Dahl Rats and the "Inconvenient Truth" about the Genetics of Hypertension.

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