Science News: BCVS 2015: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Epigenetics and Metabolism, Proteotoxicity and HF

Approaches to Myocyte Generation in Diseased Hearts
Ronglih Liao, PhD, and Mark Sussman, PhD, moderators of a session on Sources of New Myocytes in Diseased Hearts, discuss what the various successful approaches to myocyte generation suggest for the possibility of identifying the underlying mechanisms and the potential development new treatment options for patients.
Epigenetic Modification and Metabolism
Rong Tian, MD, PhD, FAHA | University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Tian Presentation Slides (PDF)
Proteotoxicity and Heart Failure
Jeffrey Robbins, PhD, FAHA | Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
Robbins Presentation Slides (PDF)
Mitochondrial Malfunction in Heart Failure and Sudden Death
Brian O’Rourke, PhD | Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
O’Rourke Presentation Slides (PDF)

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