Council Mailing Label Policy

Updated:Feb 23,2013

The American Heart Association (AHA) makes the Professional Membership mailing lists available to scientific and professional organizations, agencies, continuing medical education organizers, meeting planners and institutions on a one-time use basis.

Council Chairs are responsible for reviewing and approving all applications received for their respective membership mailing lists.  The following guidelines have been established to help make timely decisions on the release of a council’s labels, and to facilitate timely response to the customer:


  • Information and materials sent to AHA Professional Members must offer access to quality scientific conferences, seminars and workshops, and continuing medical education opportunities that are of interest to the targeted group(s). 
  • Mailing lists may not be used for advertising, product promotions or sales (including scientific journals and books), surveys, membership recruitment*, or faculty recruitment purposes.
  • All orders must be submitted in writing using the attached AHA Mailing List Rental Application Form; which must be accompanied by a copy of the mailing piece.
  • Members’ telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses will not be released for any purpose.

*Pre-arranged, reciprocal agreements made between a Council and another organization to share mailing lists for the purpose of recruiting members are excluded.

Approval Process

  • The application form and mailing piece will be sent to the respective Council Chairs via email for review and approval within 24-hours of receipt at the National Center.
  • The Council Chairs should examine the application to determine if their membership mailing list should be released for the purpose stated in the application. You may wish to consider the following questions when reviewing mailing list rental applications:
    • Is the offering of interest to the members of the Council?
    • Is the offering in conflict with any AHA program on the same subject (same geographical location, takes place within 30-days before or after the AHA/Council program)?
  • The Council Chairs should respond to staff within 7-days of receiving the application with his/her decision to approve or deny the release of the council’s mailing list. 
  • Staff will notify the requesting organization of the decision within 10-days of receiving the application.

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