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Updated:Nov 14,2013
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Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium

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Tues., Nov. 19: Cardiovascular Nursing Clinical Symposium
Deborah Klein
Cleveland, OH
Welcome/Opening Remarks
Anna Gawlinski
Los Angeles, CA
Keynote Lecture: Digging Through the Mountain: How to Navigate the Guidelines
Dawn M Meyer
San Diego, CA
Time is Brain: Evidence-Based Care of the Stroke Patient
Nicholas J Ruggiero II
Philadelphia, PA
Renal Denervation: The New Treatment of Hypertension
Vicki Zeigler
Denton, TX
Improving Outcomes in Adults with Congenital Heart Disorders

Wed., Nov. 20: Cardiovascular Nursing Clinical Symposium
John R Teerlink
San Francisco, CA
Cardiac Diagnostic Testing: Which Test Do We Do When
Rose B Shaffer
Philadelphia, PA
Understanding Pacemeakers: Keeping the Beat
Barbara J Drew
San Francisco, CA
Tackling Mysterious Dysrhythmias
Robert L Page
Aurora, CO
Cardiovascular Pharmacology: 2013 Update
Samir Kapadia
Cleveland, OH
New Approaches to Valve Repair and Replacement
Barbara Leeper
Dallas, TX
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm: Diagnosis and Treatment
Lola Coke
Chicago, IL
Cultural Diversity: Implications for Practice

Did You See? Clinical Practice Guidelines & Advisories for Prevention

AHA and ACC are pleased to announce the only comprehensive series of new cardiovascular prevention guidelines and advisories for the assessment and management of hypertension, cardiovascular risk, lifestyle modifications that reduce risk, management of elevated blood cholesterol, and management of increased body weight in adults. The guidelines are based on rigorous, comprehensive, systematic evidence reviews originally sponsored by the NHLBI. The ACC and AHA collaborated with professional organizations to finalize these AHA/ACC cardiovascular prevention guidelines and advisories, and stakeholder organizations were invited to review and endorse the final documents.

Learn at Heart

To support the implementation of these guidelines, the American Heart Association is making a series of web tools available for download now.

Narrated slidesets on the content of each guideline are available at

  • Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk
  • Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults
  • Lifestyle Management to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk
  • Management of Overweight and Obesity in Adults

The new Pooled Cohort Equations CV Risk Calculator is available at

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