ReSS Registration Rates

Updated:Jun 11,2012


ReSS Registration Rates

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Late Breaking Clinical Trial Submission
open now through Noon, June 24.

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Registration Information

Registration and Housing Dates:

FAHA/VIP: June 11
Members/Media: June 18
Nonmembers: June 25
Exhibitors/Group: July 9
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Council on Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Perioperative and Resuscitation



2-Day Event
ReSS only
(Nov. 3-4)
before Oct 10

2-Day Event
ReSS only
(Nov. 3-4)
after Oct 10
4-Day Event
ReSS + Sessions
before Oct 10
4-Day Event
ReSS + Sessions
after Oct 10
Premium Professional Member$325$425$820$1,020  
Premium Professional Plus Member$325$425$820$1,020  
General Professional Member$525$625$1,275$1,475  
Premium Emeritus Member$50$100$100$200  
Early Career Member $325$425$820$1,020  
Nurse Premium Professional  Member$275$375$440$640  
Nurse Premium Professional Plus Member$275$375$440$640  
Nurse General Professional Member$475$575$770$970  
Student/Trainee Member **$50$100$225$350  
EMT/Paramedic  Premium Professional Member$275$375$440$640  
EMT/Paramedic  Premium Professional Plus Member$275$375$440$640  
EMT/Paramedic  General Professional  Member$475$575$770$970  
Technician **$150$250$315$515  
Therapist Premium Professional Member$275$375$440$640  
Therapist Premium Professional Plus Member$275$375$440$640  
Therapist General Professional  Member$475$575$770$970  
One-day Member (Exhibits closed Sat. & Wed.)N/AN/AN/AN/A  
Nonmember Levels  
Early Career Nonmember $525$625$1,420$1,620  
EMT/Paramedic Nonmember$475$575$1,2401,440  
Student/Trainee Nonmember **$100$150$325$425  
Technician Nonmember**$200$300$9651,165  
Therapist Nonmember$475$575$1,2401,440  
Nurse Nonmember$475$575$1,240$1,440  
One-day Nonmember (Exhibits closed Sat. & Wed.)N/AN/AN/AN/A  
Guest (Exhibits Only)N/AN/AN/AN/A  
*   Proof of membership will be verified.  Eligibility deadline for member rate: September 26, 2012.  Individuals who  join after September 26, 2012 will not  be eligible for discounted member rates.
** Onsite verification of status is required: Must bring onsite a current license, student ID or letter on institution letterhead.  Badges do not mail.