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ISC 2014: What We Learned

Mariell Jessup, MD, President of the American Heart Association, interviews Steve Greenberg, MD, PhD, Program Committee Chair of ISC 2014, and Joe Broderick, MD, Stroke Council Chair about what they learned at the meeting this week in San Diego.

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Wednesday, Feb. 12

Late Breaking Oral Abstracts Published today in Stroke:

Thursday, Feb. 13

Invited Symposium Late Breaking Oral Abstracts

Friday, Feb. 14

Late Breaking Oral Abstracts The Next Big Thing
Learn more about these presentations:
  • Stroke or Logan’s Run: Defining Our Fate
  • You Can See A Lot Just By Looking: Accurate Diagnosis Of Stroke
  • Pathei mathos: The Suffered is the Learned in Neural Repair after Stroke
  • Tempus Cerebrum Est: Treating Acute Stroke in the First Minutes After Onset
  • Of Small Vessels and Big Consequences
  • 'Thus Bad Begins and Worse Remains Behind': Complications after Stroke
  • Genomics in Stroke - Fact or Fiction?
  • Learning from the Polar Vortex: Stroke in Asia and the Developing World
  • Restoring Function with Neurotechnology
  • The StrokeNetwork: Big, Bold and Bodacious!

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