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Updated:Feb 4,2014
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Joseph P. Broderick, MD
IMS III: Overall Results and Major Subgroup Comparisons

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Next Big Thing in Stroke - Overview
Steven Greenberg, MD, PhD, FAHA & Kyra Becker, MD, FAHA
Interview Audio
Next Big Thing in Stroke (at Lightning Speed) – Part I 
Interview Audio    I    Session Audio
Steven M Greenberg, MD, PhD, FAHA, Boston, MA  I  Session Overview  I Greenberg Audio
Ralph L Sacco, MS, MD, FAAN, FAHA, Miami, FL I  Stroke Genetics: Moving to Personalized Stroke Prevention I  Sacco Audio
Valery Feigin, MD, PhD, Auckland, New Zealand  I  Worldwide Stroke Prevention: Setting the Priorities Right Feigin Audio
Next Big Thing in Stroke (at Lightning Speed):  Part II
Interview Audio  I   Session Audio
Michael Moskowitz, MD, Charlestown, MA  I  Brain Ischemia Orchestrates Remote Organ Responses that Impact Outcome I  Moskowitz Audio
Thomas G Brott, MD, Jacksonville, FL  I  Carotid Artery Disease Worldwide: Present and Future Trials  Brott Audio
Joanna Wardlaw, MD, Edinburgh, United Kingdom  I  Stroke Prevention and Treatment: The Need for a Life Course Perspective Wardlaw Audio
Lewis B Morgenstern, MD, FAHA, Ann Arbor, MI  Race, Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities throughout the Globe  Morgenstern Audio 
Michael Tymianski, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Toronto, ON, Canada  I  Neuroprotection within a Decade: Good News and Bad  Tymianski Audio
Steven Warach, MD, PhD, Austin, TX  I  Biological Case Definition - The Science of Stroke Clinical Trials Comes of Age I  Warach Audio
Next Big Thing in Stroke (at Lightning Speed): Part III
Interview Audio   I   Session Audio
Lenore Launer, PhD, Bethesda, MD  I  Vascular Cognitive Impairment Exists: Now What?  I  Launer Audio
Randolph J. Nudo, PhD, FAHA, Kansas City, KS The Emergence of Restorative Therapies: Drugs and Devices  I  Nudo Audio
Joel Stein, New York, NY  I   Robotics in Stroke Recovery  I  Stein Audio

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