Group Registration and Housing (ISC)

Updated:Jul 13,2015
International Stroke Conference 2016, Feb. 16-19, 2016

Group Registration and Housing

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Group Registration and Housing (ISC) IMPORTANT REMINDERS

Deposit of two room nights plus tax is due 10 business days after accepting the Exhibitor/Group Booking Agreement.

Penalty for Not Booking Through Official Program
You may be contacted by companies claiming to have some relationship with the International Stroke Conference 2016 and offering hotel rates. Travel Planners is the only official housing coordinator with the official low rates. Please support the American Heart Association by only booking through the official program.

Wire transfers
Wire transfers are not accepted unless prior approval has been given. Please email for more information.

Registration Cancellation Policy
CDS Customer Service must receive written notice of cancellations by Jan. 28, 2016, Midnight EST in order to receive a refund less $75 processing fee. Cancellation requests received after Jan. 28, 2016, Midnight EST will not be refunded.

Registration Substitutions/Name Change Policy
• Refunds on or before the due date of Jan. 28, 2016 will be provided less a $50 processing fee.
• No refunds will be given after the due date. After the due date, group substitutions are allowed but the registration type will not change. You may only submit substitutions for equal type registrations ( i.e. Nurse to Nurse, Member to Member, Nonmember to Nonmember). A $20 fee will apply per substitution.

Lost / Reprinted Badges
Badges for group attendees will not be mailed. On-site appointment times will be scheduled for you to pick up badges and materials. There will be a $20 charge to reissue lost badges on site.

Labor Assistance
If you did not order Group Labor, please do so by contacting CDS Customer Service at
A $100 Group Labor charge will be applied should you choose this service.

News Media Registration
If you have news media representatives in your group, you MUST register them separately to obtain their complimentary registration. If you register them as attendees and wait to identify them as news media on site or after the meeting, the registration fees will not be refunded.

Questions Regarding Conference Registration
Please direct registration questions to Convention Data Services (CDS) Customer Service:
Telephone: (800) 748-3583 or (508) 743-8517
Fax: (508) 743-9610

Questions Regarding Hotel Booking?
Please direct booking questions to Travel Planners:
9 a.m.-7 p.m. EST
Telephone: (877) 468-3548 or (212) 532-1660

These terms and conditions are strongly enforced for all American Heart Association sessions.

For your safety and security, all attendees, exhibitors, staff and suppliers are required to wear their badge to have access to the American Heart Association’s Sessions.