Visa Information Letter

Updated:Jul 10,2015

Begin your visa application process as soon as possible.  Consulates in some countries take several months to process applications.

The United States is expanding the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, which enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. View Participating Countries.

Official United States Visa Information
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Invitation Letters
Invitation letters will be available only after your registration has been confirmed. You can submit this letter with your visa application to verify the name, dates, location and purpose of the International Stroke Conference 2016.

Attendance Verification Documentation
There are two types of verification generated through the registration process:

  • Official Letter of Invitation for Meeting Attendees: This letter will be generated only after your registration has been confirmed.  You can submit this letter with your visa application to verify the name, dates, location and purpose of the International Stroke Conference 2016. 
  • Registration Confirmation: Once you have registered for the meeting, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that you can refer to during your visa interview.

Visa Delays
If your visa application to attend the International Stroke Conference 2016 is pending after 45 days and you feel you are at risk to miss the conference, report your case to the National Academies. Complete the questionnaire and answer the question "Purpose of Visit" by typing "AHA/ASA International Stroke Conference 2016" to help the National Academies identify you as an AHA/ASA International Stroke Conference 2016 meeting participant. 

Visa Denials
Registration Refunds Due to a Visa Denial: Visa processing may require long lead times. Please plan accordingly! We highly recommend you apply for the U.S. visa three to four months in advance. If your visa has been denied and you would like to be considered for registration refund, please make sure you have either an official denial document from the U.S. consulate or a stamped copy of your application form, showing the date when you applied and the date your visa application has been denied.

Travelers from the 27 countries with visa waivers - New passports issued by the Visa Waiver Program countries on or after Oct. 26, 2006 must be e-Passports that include an integrated computer chip. If your passport does not have this feature, you can still travel without a visa if it is a valid passport issued:

  • Between Oct. 26, 2005 and Oct. 25, 2006, and includes a digital photograph, or
  • Before Oct. 25, 2005, and includes a machine-readable area.

If you were issued a passport on or after Oct. 26, 2006, and it is not an e-Passport, you will need to obtain a visa waiver to attend the International Stroke Conference. Learn more

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