State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium

Updated:Aug 13,2014
International Stroke Conference 2015 - Sessions February 11-13

State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium 

Symposium Description

The State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium is a forum designed to provide current information for nursing and other healthcare professionals who treat patients and families in all phases of stroke treatment from the emergency department through rehabilitation. The symposium will update and inform the audience about nursing issues along the continuum of stroke care (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke management, rehabilitation and program development.) The goal of the program is to share innovative best clinical practices that have been developed to optimize patient outcomes throughout the stroke continuum of care. A plenary program and break-out sessions are planned to meet educational needs for nurses and healthcare professionals at various levels of skill.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the burning issues surrounding depression and stroke  
  • Implement processes for obtaining follow-up after hospital discharge
  • Describe the advances in clinical research and quality improvement including:
    • Optimizing stroke care through the use of lean principles across the continuum of care
    • LEANing down DTN time in a community hospital setting
    • If educating the pre-hospital community and community-at-large influences tPA treatment rates
  • Define the essentials of standard clinical practice and stroke center development including:
    • Nursing roles within a comprehensive stroke center (transitions of care)
    • The use of multimodal monitoring in the detection of stroke and its sequela  
  • Discuss rehabilitation and recovery from stroke including:
    • The long term management of the stroke patient
    • FES and neuromodulation in stroke rehabilitation
  • Manage the application of evidence-based practice including:
    • Advancing stroke science through nursing research
    • Translating nursing evidence into practice
    • A synthesis of current science and development of nursing care protocol with regard to craniectomy
Nursing at the International Stroke Conference

Nurses are a crucial part of every stage of stroke care. We invite and encourage you to come to the State-of-the-Science Stroke Nursing Symposium and stay for the nursing and general stroke research and education at the International Stroke Conference. Your presence will be valued.

Steven M. Greenberg, MD, PhD, FAHA, Chair, International Stroke Conference 2014

Sponsored by the American Heart Association's Stroke Nursing Committee of the Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing and co-sponsored by the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association.