Pre-Conference Symposia (ISC)

Updated:Jan 21,2016
International Stroke Conference 2016, Feb. 16-19, 2016

Pre-Conference Symposia

ISC 2016 Pre-Conference Symposium I

"Stroke in the Real World - To Infinity and Beyond: Endovascular Therapy and Systems of Care"

Symposium Description
This Pre-Conference Symposium of the International Stroke Conference is designed to provide cutting edge information for healthcare professionals caring for patients with, or at risk for stroke. This one-day symposium highlights scientific advances in cerebrovascular disease while emphasizing their application in the real world. The symposium informs the audience about issues along the full continuum of stroke care and covers varied topics of interest to healthcare providers working in the emergency department, hospitalist settings, primary care, general neurology, pharmacies, and other stroke care arenas. This year’s symposium will focus on stroke systems of care including: pre-hospital screening and logistics; transporting to the closest center or the comprehensive stroke center; mobile stroke units and their role in the endovascular world; integrating community hospitals for advanced stroke treatment; imaging techniques (advanced penumbral or collateral imaging versus CTA/MRA and ASPECTS); an interventionalist’s perspective on maximizing work flow; and international strategies to maximize thrombectomy. There will also be a series of challenging breakout sessions. Participants will also have the opportunity to have an informal lunch with the faculty where questions or challenging stroke cases may be discussed.

Download the ISC 2016 Pre-Con Symposium I (PDF) for schedule details, programming, credit and more.

ISC 2016 Pre-Conference Symposium II (Student/Trainee/Early Career)

"The Nuts and Bolts of Pre-clinical Behavioral Testing in Animals"

Symposia Description

This new Pre-Conference Symposium of the International Stroke Conference is designed for students, trainees and early career professionals. This pre-conference event was designed to discuss the newest methods for assessing behavioral deficits and functional recovery in animals, the first step in assessing the potential translation of therapeutics into human populations. This half-day symposium highlights several new methods to assess cognitive impairment in rodents, the use of large animals including primates, and the use of behavioral testing to examine outcomes in models of intracerebral hemorrhage and vascular cognitive impairment. We will begin with an introduction to the basics of behavioral testing, including discussion on the “fundamentals” that will increase reliability and reproducibility in animal experiments. The importance of blinding, randomization, and consistency of the testing environment to reduce variability will be highlighted. We will then discuss how to appropriately design and interpret behavioral studies, including the proper use of parametric and non-parametric tests, interactions, and power analysis. We will complete the session with a demonstration of newly developed cognitive tests for use in mice and rats.

Download the ISC 2016 Pre-Con Symposium II (PDF) for schedule details, programming, credit and more.