2012 Emerging Science Series - June 20, 2012

Updated:Jan 2,2015

New Antithrombotic Therapies - Crossing Vascular Beds and Reversing Their Effects
Wednesday, June 20, 2012,  noon-1:05 p.m.

Presentation Topics:

 Vorapaxar for Secondary Prevention in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease: Results from the Peripheral Artery Disease Cohort of the TRA 2°P-TIMI 50 Trial  
Presenter: Marc P. Bonaca, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, Mass.
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 Reversal of Apixaban-Induced Alterations of Hemostasis By Different Coagulation Factor Concentrates: Studies In Vitro With Circulating Human Blood
Presenter: Gines Escolar, Department of Hemotheraphy and Hemostasis, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
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Presentation slides for this topic are available within the webinar.
  • Elliott Antman 
  • Robert Bonow
  • Alan Hirsch 
  • Cynthia Rutherford
  • Neil Zakai              



Emerging Science Series

The AHA recognizes important scientific results do not always conveniently coincide with the timing of AHA Scientific Sessions in November. The AHA Emerging Science Series will be one-hour professional quality webinars held two or three times per year. Each session will have two 30-minute blocks consisting of presentations of original research from the following categories: late breaking clinical trials, clinical trial updates of previously presented LBCTs and late breaking basic science. A steering committee will make the final selection from the reviewers’ comments and decide whether to present material from one of the following additional categories: major bench-to-bedside advances, major conference proceedings and major guidelines/policy statements. The webinars will be viewable from a computer or iPad and the series will be archived for on-demand viewing.  A panel of moderators and discussants will spend more time than allows at November’s Scientific Sessions for discussion and questions. Attendees can ask questions electronically before the event. This is a lecture-based activity. 

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Expiration date: June, 2015