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Updated:May 5,2014
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World Heart Federation  |  World Congress on Cardiology
May 4-7, 2014 | Melbourne, Australia

WCC 2014 Coverage - Monday, May 5
  • Broadening the reach of imaging
  • Making cardiovascular disease a global political priority
  • Burden of peripheral vascular disease
  • Gender difference in coronary artery disease
  • Hot topics in cardiomyopathies
WCC 2014 Coverage - Tuesday, May 6
  • American Heart Association session - Prevention: the evidence behind the guidelines
  • Challenges in rheumatic valvular disease
  • Acquired diseases
  • Update non ST elevation ACS-1
  • Mental health and CVD
WCC 2014 Coverage - Wednesday, May 7
  • Highlights - CVD and AHA - Prevention Opportunities on the Global Stage
  •  Cardiovascular disease in women: updated 2014
  • Global burden of cardiovascular diseases
  • Building a healthy environment
  • Childhood risk factors: effect on long-term health?
  • The Heart of 25 by 25

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