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Updated:Aug 26,2014

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Science News Videos from the 2012 World Congress of Cardiology

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Science News from the World Heart Federation's World Congress of Cardiology
WCC 2012  |  Apr. 18-21, 2012  |  Dubai

WCC 2012 Poster Abstracts in Circulation 

WCC 2012 Oral Abstracts in Circulation

Wednesday : Welcome video & highlights from the week ahead

Thursday: Innovations in Treatment of Aortic Valve disease,Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease around the world,  
Psychological Factors and cardiovascular diseases, Adult Congenital Heart disease

Friday: Novel approaches in rheumatic valvular disease, Outcomes after acute coronary syndromes, Care and risk management in nursing

Saturday: Atrial fibrillation outcomes, Cardiac rhythm implantable devices, Echocardiography, Lifestyle modifications for cardiovascular diseases prevention, Novel solutions in mitral valve disease, Rheumatic heart disease follow up  


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