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Updated:Mar 31,2014
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ACC.14  |  Mar. 29-31, 2014  |  Washington, D.C.

Mariell Jessup, MD, president of the American Heart Association, and Elliott Antman, MD, president-elect, discuss the highlights of the science presented at ACC.14 in Washington, DC.

Late Breaking Clinical Trial Coverage by Day

Saturday, March 29
Saturday Videos
Session 451: Joint ACC/JACC Late-Breaking Clinical Trial
  • Self-expanding Transcatheter vs. Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement

Sunday, March 30
Sunday Videos

Session: 402 Joint American College of Cardiology/JAMA Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
  • AleCardio Trial
Session: 403 Late-Breaking Clinical Trials III; 10:45am - Noon
  • CORP-2
  • Global SYMPLICITY Registry
  • Melody Transcatheter
  • Negative High-Sensitive Troponins in Emergency

Monday, March 31
Monday Videos

Session: 404 Joint American College of Cardiology/New England Journal of Medicine Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
  • The Impact of Acetyl-Salicylic Acid on Major Arterial and Venous Complications in Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery (POISE-2)
  • Clonidine in Patients Having Non Cardiac Surgery (POISE-2)
  • SIRS
Session: 405 Late-Breaking Clinical Trials V: TCT@ACC-i2
  • STS/ACC Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) Registry
  • NEXT 
  • ZEUS
  • MSC-HF

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