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Updated:Mar 27,2013

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ACC.13  |  Mar. 9 -11, 2013  |  San Francisco, Calif.

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Science News: ACC 2013 Saturday


  • HPS2-THRIVE – niacin/laropiprant versus Placebo for High Risk of Occlusive Vascular Events
  • PREVAIL – Final Results:  left atrial appendage closure versus warfarin in non-valvular AF (Not presented at ACC due to an embargo break)
Science News: ACC 2013 : Sunday
  • TACT – High-Dose Oral Vitamins versus Placebo
  • NEXT – Biodegradable Polymer or Durable Polymer in DES
  • PRATO-ACS – Contrast-Induced Nephropathy Prevention in Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • PARTNER 2 – AS non-surgical candidates: Transcatheter Valve Evaluation and More!

Science News : ACC 2013 : Monday

  • RELAX – Diastolic Heart Failure and Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibition
  • STOP-HF – Screening to Prevent Heart Failure: Natriuretic Peptide Guided Screening and Treatment Impact
  • GOPCABE – Off-pump CABG in the Elderly
  • ACC Highlights





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