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Updated:May 7,2014
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World Heart Federation  |  World Congress on Cardiology
May 4-7, 2014 | Melbourne, Australia

Mariell Jessup, MD, FAHA and Elliott Antman, MD, FAHA, current president and incoming president of the American Heart AssociationWCC 2014 attendees wrap up their time in Melbourne, Australia, and look forward to the next Session in Mexico City, Mexico

All WCC 2014 Oral Abstracts and Poster Abstracts (PDF)

Cardiovascular disease in women: updated 2014
Oral Abstract O174 (PDF)Accelerated age-related increases in arterial stiffness in American vs Japanese women
Hirofumi Tanaka | United States

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Global burden of cardiovascular diseases
Oral Abstract O193 (PDF)After the breakup: ischemic heart disease in the former Soviet Union countries, 1990-2010. The Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study
Andrew Moran | United States

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Building a healthy environment
Oral Abstract O143 (PDF)Healthy active by design: health in all policies through active planning
Trevor Shilton | Australia

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Childhood risk factors: effect on long-term health?
Oral Abstract O206 (PDF)Association of physical inactivity, low fitness and sedentary behaviors with blood pressure in 8-10 year old children
Gilles Paradis | Canada

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