Abstract Submission (ATVB | PVD)

Updated:Jan 28,2016
ATVB | PVD 2016 Scientific Sessions

Abstract Submissions

Abstract and award submissions are now closed for 2016.

Information, Instructions, Rules and Guidelines (PDF)
Abstracts for the conference will be selected for oral or poster presentation, and will be published in the online ATVB journal. For full details, download:

Tips for Writing Good Abstracts (PDF)
What is the most common mistake applicants make? How do you make sure your abstract isn't rejected? Read our Tips for Writing Good Abstracts (PDF)

Early Career and Mid-Career Awards
Sponsored by the ATVB, PVD and FGTB Councils

Applications for these awards may be made by submitting abstracts for presentation at ATVB|PVD 2016.  The deadline for award submission is extended to January 25, 2016.

  •  Kenneth M. Brinkhous Young Investigator Prize in Thrombosis recognizes outstanding endeavors by new investigators in fundamental and applied research in thrombosis, including the mechanism, detection, treatment and prevention of thrombotic disorders.
  •  Irvine H. Page Young Investigator Research Award is open to new investigators in arteriosclerosis and vascular biology. The award recognizes investigators in the formative years of their careers who have the potential to become future leaders in cardiovascular research.
  • Junior Investigator Award for Women helps recruit and retain women in the field of arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology by recognizing excellent research conducted by women.
  • Travel Awards for Young Investigators encourage and support the efforts of early career investigators in cardiovascular research and encourage participation in ATVB, PVD and FGTB activities by providing travel funds to attend the ATVB|PVD Conference, present research in oral or poster format and engage in discussion with senior investigators.
  • Robert W. Hobson II, MD, Early Career Investigator Award recognizes an outstanding early career investigator in the field of vascular and endovascular medicine, vascular surgery or vascular biology.
  • PVD Mid-Career Investigator Award recognizes mid-level career (associate professor) investigators who are actively involved in research related to peripheral vascular disease (arterial or venous).

Other Awards

  • Jeffrey M. Hoeg Arteriosclerosis Award for Basic Science and Clinical Research : Eligible candidates must have a doctoral degree, and have held a minimum academic rank of assistant professor for no less than 3 years, up to a maximum rank of full professor for no more than 5 years. The deadline to nominate a colleague is January 22, 2016. This award honors the memory of Jeffrey M. Hoeg, M.D., chief of the Section of Cell Biology within the Molecular Disease Branch of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIH. He was an extraordinary research scientist and physician who, in the prime of his career, was working in the field of lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis. Dr. Hoeg died in July 1998 after a courageous battle with cancer.