New Aortic Valve Disease Compendium from Circulation Research

Updated:Sep 25,2013
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New Aortic Valve Disease Compendium from Circulation Research

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The editors of Circulation Research are pleased to introduce a new feature: Compendium

Each Compendium is a collection of articles with a thematic focus on specific cardiovascular diseases or pathological conditions, discussing the major issues related to specific disease conditions, how these issues are being addressed in the laboratory and in the clinic, which important questions remain unanswered, and which pressing issues need urgent attention. We view the Compendium as a one-stop shop for basic, translational and clinical investigators who wish to gather a comprehensive assessment of a problem. Accordingly, we hope that Compendia will provide a valuable resource not only to experts and investigators in the field, but also to nontraditional readers of the journal, such as physicians, cardiology fellows, residents, and medical students. [More]

The July 5, 2013 issue of Circulation Research contains our first Compendium focused on Aortic Valve Disease, edited by Donald Heistad and Linda Demer, and a Compendium on Heart Failure, edited by Eugene Braunwald, will be published in the Aug. 30, 2013.

Special Preview: Read Eugene Braunwald’s Introduction now!

Circulation Research Compendium for Aortic Valve Disease

Introduction to the Compendium on Calcific Aortic Valve Disease
Donald D. Heistad, Catherine Shanahan, and Linda L. Demer
Extract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

Introduction to Aortic Stenosis
Blase A. Carabello
Abstract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

Hemodynamic and Cellular Response Feedback in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease
Sarah T. Gould, Suthan Srigunapalan, Craig A. Simmons, and Kristi S. Anseth
Abstract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Calcific Aortic Valve Disease; Dwight A. Towler
Abstract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

Fibrocalcific Aortic Valve Disease: Opportunity to Understand Disease Mechanisms Using Mouse Models
Robert M. Weiss, Jordan D. Miller, and Donald D. Heistad
Abstract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

Current Management of Calcific Aortic Stenosis
Brian R. Lindman, Robert O. Bonow, and Catherine M. Otto
Abstract  Full Text  PDF   Figures Only

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