Circ CQO: New Shared Decision Making Series

Updated:Mar 17,2014
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Circ CQO: New Shared Decision Making Series

New Shared Decision Making Series

Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes has launched a new Shared Decision Making (SDM) series, which intends to provide a comprehensive overview of SDM within cardiovascular disease. The March issue includes an introductory paper and an article on the state of shared decision science, which discusses models of SDM, as well as methods for providing decision support to patients, including best practices for risk communication, efficacy of decision aids (DAs) for decision support, and use of decision coaches to facilitate shared decision making.

Shared Decision Making: Science and Action
 Henry H. Ting, Juan Pablo Briot and Victor M. Montori (PDF)

Shared Decision Making: State of the Science
Grace A. Lin and Angela Fagerlin (PDF)

 The remaining articles to publish throughout the rest of the year will explore:

  • Design and testing of tools for SDM (May issue)
  • Measurement and outcomes of SDM (July issue)
  • Implementation of SDM in clinical practice (September issue)
  • Policy and accountability in SDM (November issue)

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