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Updated:Jul 1,2014
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AJN: New Free Article Exchange for June 23, 2014

American Journal of Nephrology
Free-Access Articles 
(Vol. 39, issues 5-6, 2014)

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Original Report:  Laboratory Investigation

Novel,Selective Vitamin D Analog Suppresses Parathyroid Hormone in Uremic Animals and Postmenopausal Women  
J.B. Zella, L.A. Plum, D.R. Plowchalk, M. Potochoiba, M. Clagett-Dame, H.F. DeLuca
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:476-483M.

Original Reports: Patient-Oriented, Translational Research
Left Ventricular Mass Progression despite Stable Blood Pressure and Kidney Function in Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease
M.E. Seifert, L. de las Fuentes, C. Ginsberg, M. Rothstein, D.J. Dietzen, S.C. Cheng, W. Ross, D. Windus, V.G. Dávila-Román, K.A. Hruska
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:392-399

Interdialytic Weight Gain and Cardiovascular Outcome in Incident Hemodialysis PatientsInterdialytic Weight Gain and Cardiovascular Outcome in Incident Hemodialysis Patients 
M.J. Lee, F.M. Doh, C.H. Kim, H.M. Koo, H.J. Oh, J.T. Park, S.H. Han, T.-H. Yoo, Y.-L. Kim, Y.S. Kim, C.W. Yang, N.-H. Kim, S.-W. Kang
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:427-435

Mechanisms Contributing to Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease Treated with Bardoxolone Methyl 
M.P. Chin, S.A. Reisman, G.L. Bakris, M. O'Grady, P.G. Linde, P.A. McCullough, D. Packham, N.D. Vaziri, K.W. Ward, D.G. Warnock, C.J. Meyer
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:499-508

In-Depth Topic Reviews

Hemodialysis Patient Outcomes: Provider Characteristics
Y. Slinin, H. Guo, S. Li, J. Liu, K. Ensrud, D.T. Gilbertson, A.J. Collins, A. Ishani
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:367-375

Importance of Vascular Calcification in Kidney Transplant Recipients 
G. Cianciolo, I. Capelli, M.L. Angelini, C. Valentini, O. Baraldi, M.P. Scolari, S. Stefoni
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:418-426

Practical Considerations When Prescribing Icodextrin: A Narrative Review Timing of 
S.A. Silver, Z. Harel, J. Perl
Am J Nephrol 2014;39:515-527

American Journal of Nephrology
Managing Editor: G.L. Bakris, Chicago, Ill.

The American Journal of Nephrology mainly focuses on timely topics in basic science with possible clinical applicability. Its current impact factor is 2.623.

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