Application Information

Dear Potential AHA Applicant:

AHA volunteer leaders are working diligently to create a reimagined portfolio that meets the needs of the science community, is responsive to the current science landscape, and is focused on driving toward the AHA mission. A proposed revised portfolio was discussed by the AHA Research Committee in May. Changes are based on discussion from AHA leadership and input from scientific overview committees. We expect to release information on plans for the new portfolio in July and anticipate staggered 2017-18 application deadlines to begin in the fall. We look forward to sharing more information about the new funding opportunities in the coming months. You may monitor this Web page for announcements.

The programs listed below were offered for the most recent funding cycle. Applications are created, submitted, and reviewed through the Grants@Heart electronic system.

American Heart Association research awards are limited to non-profit institutions, including medical, osteopathic and dental schools, veterinary schools, schools of public health, pharmacy schools, nursing schools, universities and colleges, public and voluntary hospitals and others that can demonstrate the ability to conduct the proposed research. Applications will not be accepted for work with funding to be administered through any federal institution or work to be performed by a federal employee with the exception of (1) applications specifically related to the AHA’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, and (2) the Veterans Administration employees. Funding is prohibited for awards at non-U.S. based institutions.

Program Descriptions

Applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. CST on the deadline date. The system will shut down at 5:00 p.m. CST. Early submission is encouraged. Your institutional Grants Officer (GO) has the final responsibility of submitting your completed application to the American Heart Association. It is important that you check with your GO for his/her internal deadline. 


AHA forms and instructions are updated for each deadline. Check the Supporting Documents for the program to be sure you have the most up to date information.

Predoctoral Fellowship

Provides predoctoral Ph.D. students with individualized, mentored research training to initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Empowers postdoctoral Ph.D. trainees, who are not independent, with assistance and training from a mentor to initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research.

NEW Clinical Health Profession Student Training Program

Enhances the integrated research and clinical training of promising students who are matriculated in a clinical health professional degree training program, and who intend careers as physician-scientists or other clinician-scientists.

NEW Clinical Scientist Training Program

Supports cardiovascular and stroke research training to clinicians who hold doctoral-level clinical degrees and who are not yet independent. The applicant must be embedded in an appropriate research group with the mentorship, support, and relevant scientific guidance of a research supervisor.

Mentored Clinical and Population Research Award

Encourages early investigators with supportive mentoring relationships to conduct introductory pilot studies that will guide future strategies for reducing cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Fellow-to-Faculty Transition Award

Provides funding for trainees with outstanding potential for careers as physician-scientists in cardiovascular or stroke research during the crucial period of career development that spans the completion of research training through the early years of the first faculty/staff position.

Scientist Development Grant

To support highly promising beginning scientists in cardiovascular and stroke research between their initial research training and their complete independence.


Supports independent investigators with innovative and advanced projects related to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

NEW AHA Institutional Research Enhancement Award (AIREA)

Supports small-scale research projects related to cardiovascular diseases and stroke at educational institutions that provide baccalaureate or advanced degrees but that have not been major recipients of NIH support. The award supports any part of the full range of research and development from very basic to clinical.

Mentor/AHA Mentee

Provides protected time for mentoring activities to investigators who have an established record of accomplishments in mentoring. Mentor candidates must have a demonstrated commitment to cardiovascular or cerebrovascular science, as indicated by publication history and scientific accomplishments. The award facilitates mentoring opportunities for early-career faculty by experts within fields of study important to their career development. Some mentoring may be accomplished face-to-face, but this funding mechanism is designed to include virtual channels (teleconferences, virtual rooms, etc.) and also should include journal clubs, discussions, etc. Creativity is encouraged, and mentoring of researchers from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in science, or from smaller universities and academic institutions, or working in a particularly difficult or emerging area of science will be particularly encouraged.

Collaborative Sciences Award

To foster innovative, new collaborative approaches to research projects which propose novel pairings of investigators from at least two broad disciplines. The proposal must focus on the collaborative relationship, such that the scientific objectives could not be achieved without the efforts of at least two co- principal investigators and their respective disciplines. The combination and integration of studies may be inclusive of basic, clinical, population and/or translational research.

Applications by existing collaborators are permitted, provided that the proposal is for a new idea or new approach that has not been funded before.

Letter of Intent deadline is Thursday, November 3, 2016, 5 pm Central Time. AHA will contact the applicants who have been selected to submit a full application.

AHA Merit Award

To fund highly promising investigators with stellar track records of accomplishment, demonstrated by federal or equivalent funding [NIH, AHRQ, HRSA, etc.] from multiple sources and excellent publication records with accelerating impact, who have the potential to move a field of science forward with creative approaches that are aligned with the mission of the American Heart Association

This award will support individual scientists with a trajectory of success, who propose novel approaches to major research challenges in the areas of CV and stroke that have the potential to produce unusually high impact.

The required Letter of Intent deadline is Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 5 pm Central Time. AHA will contact the applicants who have been selected to submit a full application.

Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Awards

The American Heart Association Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine strives to preserve and prolong health by more precisely predicting, preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We look to accomplish this by supporting grants which utilize innovative ideas, strategic collaborations and access to integrated data with state-of-the-art technology will cohesively work to eliminate cardiovascular diseases and stroke for families and for future generations.

Precision cardiovascular medicine takes into account an individual's lifestyle, environment and biology to help identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular related risk factors and events to help decrease and prevent these risk factors and events. This new field of precision medicine utilizes advanced methods of aggregating, integrating and analyzing patient data. Our grant mechanisms will be focused on many aspects of precision cardiovascular medicine to reach our goals.

Please check our Funding Opportunities Page for more information about our grant mechanisms and deadlines.

AHA-Allen Distinguished Investigator Awards

An AHA-Allen Distinguished Investigator is an active researcher who will lead a compass-driven, leadership-guided research program intended to open an area (scientific “compass” direction) at the frontier of cardiovascular research defined by their own vision, listening tours of The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, and ongoing AHA dialogues with science advisors. AHA-Allen Distinguished Investigators are pioneers who will expand the frontiers of bioscience. The purpose of this inaugural funding partnership is to discover and fund highly promising investigators working in research on the cardiovascular extracellular matrix (ECM), who have creative ideas with the potential to move ECM science forward and transform matrix biology.

For more information, please visit our AHA-Allen Distinguished Investigator Awards page.

Help Documents

Use the documents listed below to help prepare your application for AHA Research funding: