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Updated:Nov 12,2013

Science and Technology Accelerator Program

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Why aren't more technologies with promise moving beyond basic research?

3 Principal Reasons:
  • Scarcity of funding between laboratory bench and clinical proof of concept, particularly in current economic climate
  • Risk perceived as too high, and, consequently, short and mid term, ROI too low, to attract private equity, in spite of long range potential for improving cardiovascular health
  • Scientists often lack the clinical development experience to gain regulatory approval as well as the business skills necessary to commercialize their innovations
Overcoming the "Valley of Death"
  • Research grant funding can only take scientific advances so far.
  • Many investors are unwilling to accept the risks prevalent at earlier stages of development.
  • The funding void between promising innovations and the market is commonly referred to as the “Valley of Death.”
  • The Science & Technology Accelerator was established to help propel revolutionary innovations across the “Valley of Death.”
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The Science & Technology Accelerator aims to fill the void by:

Identifying revolutionary, transformational emerging technologies
  • aligned with AHA’s mission and its 2020 Goals
  • with the potential to become “game changers,” but
  • too early in their development to gain traction with private equity or pharma/biotech/device industry companies.

Bringing their innovators together with:

  • Investment capital
  • AHA’s cadre of expert clinical development, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, and commercialization advisors and mentors committed to success of Accelerator investments with the aim of accelerating movement of these technologies from the bench to bedside
...with the aim of accelerating movement of these technologies from the bench to bedside quickly

We depend entirely on direct donations to the Accelerator program. All return on investment goes back into propelling more game changers across the "Valley of Death", so all donations become a GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Email to donate today.

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