Science Accelerator: Accelerator Committee

Updated:Jul 18,2013

The Science & Technology Accelerator's investments combine capital with scientific, medical, regulatory, financial, and commercialization expertise and guidance.  The Accelerator Committee members  represent not only some of the most respected members of the global medical and scientific community, but also renowned experts in regulatory approval strategies, clinical trial design and conduct, venture capital, technology transfer, and managing companies from startup to achieving global leadership in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The Science & Technology Accelerator was created to become a self- sustaining, "evergreen," fund with all return on investment ploughed back into propelling even more revolutionary technologies to market.  It is currently funded by direct donor gifts, which amplifies by engaging other organizations in investing collaboratively in the transformational innovations it selects and "de-risks." 

2013-2014 Science & Technology Accelerator Committee Members - Photos & Bios (PDF) 

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