Job Description - Consultant Reviewer

Updated:Jan 18,2013

ChargeTo support and assist the committee chairs in the review of career development and project support applications.

  • When a reviewer can not be found through the brokering process, Consulting Reviewers may be appointed on a temporary basis to provide needed expertise on 1-3 applications for a review meeting. (niche` expertise)
  • Consultant Reviewers may be invited for additional review meetings or cycles and may be subsequently appointed as regular members of a Peer Review Committee.  
Equipment Requirements

Internet access is required for posting critiques on the Grants@Heart system a week prior to the review meeting.

Time Commitment

Time commitment for critiques of application reviews and pre-meeting orientations.

  • Consultant Reviewers appointed to provide needed expertise on 1-3 applications for a review meeting will have no other workload. 
  • Evaluate merit of assigned applications relative to the peer review criteria.
  • Assign a score and prepare a written critique on the Grants@Heart (G@H) system which will be provided to applicants. The critique should be fair, objective, scholarly, and offer positive constructive criticism to the applicant.
  • Post all scores and critiques on the Grants@Heart website on or before the deadline.
  • Minimum Assistant Professor career level or equivalent.
  • Nationally recognized competence in one or more fields of biomedical research.
  • Current or recent independent peer reviewed funding typically at the national level; or equivalent research funding for reviewers employed in industry or government.
  • Consistent record of peer reviewed publications within the past 5 years.
  • Knowledge of the AHA and commitment to its mission.
  • Mature judgment and objectivity.
Method of Appointment
  • Consultant Reviewers can be nominated by the study group chairperson, study group members, Research Committee members and self nominations through G@H.
  • Prior to appointment, the candidate’s credentials must be reviewed by the unified steering committee..


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