Individual Development Plan

Updated:Oct 12,2015

Please note, this document will be created using the website.

AHA requires the use of myIDP’s online assessment tool to create your Individual Development Plan (IDP). An IDP is a professional development tool that can help predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows and early career investigators identify professional development needs and career objectives. The self-assessment process, that is the basis of your IDP, SHOULD BE STARTED WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE AHA APPLICATION DEADLINE. Also allow time to discuss your IDP with your sponsor/mentor, as s/he will be asked to address it in the Sponsor’s Training Plan.

To begin your IDP, go to Create an account, and complete assessments of your skills, interests and values; career exploration; goal setting and implementation plans.

Once completed, use the left column navigation to go to My IDP Summary. Click the “Print My IDP” tab, and select the following sections ONLY:

  • Personal Information
  • Mentoring Team
  • Career Exploration Progress 
  • Career Goals
    • Plan A
    • Plan B
  • Career Advancement Goals
  • Project Completion Goals
  • Goals Summary

Click the “Show Report” button. Save the document as a PDF on your computer and name it “Individual Development Plan”. Upload the IDP into your application in Grants@Heart under the Science/Evaluation Information section.