Vertebrate Animal Subjects

Updated:Oct 12,2015

If your research involves the use of vertebrate animal subjects you must address this in the application.  

You must follow the AHA's format and type requirements below:

  • File must be single spaced.
  • No more than 15 characters per inch (cpi) or an average of no more than 15 cpi (cpi includes symbols, punctuation and spaces).
  • No less than ¾” page margins, 
  • 60 lines per page are the maximum allowed.  (The average number of lines per page using the font and point size below will be 50-55 lines.)
  • Arial Font style, 12 point font size for Windows users; Helvetica Font style, 12 point font size for Macintosh users.
  • Portable Document Format (pdf) files will be accepted by the Grants@Heart system.  For A-TRAC Pilot Program applicants, please attach this section to your application and send it to Anshula Kesh.

Create a document using the following heading: VERTEBRATE ANIMAL SUBJECTS.

Address the following five points. In addition, when research involving vertebrate animals will take place at collaborating site(s) or other performance site(s), provide this information before discussing the five points.
  1. Provide a description of the proposed use of the animals in the work outlined in the Research Design and Methods section. Identify the species, strains, ages, sex, and numbers of animals to be used in the proposed work.
  2. Justify the use of animals, the choice of species, and the numbers to be used. If animals are in short supply, costly, or to be used in large numbers, provide an additional rationale for their selection and numbers.
  3. Provide information on the veterinary care of the animals involved.
  4. Describe the procedures for ensuring that discomfort, distress, pain, and injury will be limited to that which is unavoidable in the conduct of scientifically sound research. Describe the use of analgesic, anesthetic, and tranquilizing drugs and/or comfortable restraining devices, where appropriate, to minimize discomfort, distress, pain, and injury.
  5. Describe any method of euthanasia to be used and the reasons for its selection. State whether this method is consistent with the recommendations of the Panel on Euthanasia of the American Veterinary Medical Association. If not, present a justification for not following the recommendations.

Convert your Word document to Portable Document Format (pdf) and upload to Grants@Heart.  The system will only accept a .pdf file. A-TRAC Pilot Program applicants do not need to upload the file in Grants@Heart.

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