Training Plan for Fellow(s)

Updated:Jul 24,2014

Training Plan for Fellow(s) (2 page limit)

Create a document using the following heading: TRAINING PLAN FOR FELLOWS
Describe your detailed plan for research training for fellows who will be involved in this project. The narrative should include the following items:

  1. Briefly describe research in progress in the sponsor's lab.
  2. Describe your plan to develop the fellow’s research capabilities, including a statement on the sequence in which the applicant will be given increasing personal responsibility for the conduct of research.
  3. Indicate other related training or course work which will be required for specific technical skills or methods the fellow will expect to master (include the names, degrees and titles of other individuals who will be involved in training the applicant).
  4. Address the relationship of the research training plan to the fellow’s career goals if fellow has already been identified. See Individual Development Plan for more information.
  5. Clarify the role the fellow played in the development of the research proposal, if applicable.