Literature Cited

Updated:Oct 12,2015

List all literature citations for your Research Plan. There is no page limit for literature references cited. 

Citation references should be limited to relevant and current literature; be concise and select only those references cited in the Research Plan. Standard abbreviations are acceptable with two exceptions: full titles and full paging must be provided.

Each reference must list the:

  • authors in the same order as they appear on the paper (list all or up to 15)
  • title
  • name of the book or journal
  • volume number
  • page numbers
  • year of publication 
Convert the document to Portable Document Format (PDF) prior to uploading to Grants@Heart.  

A-TRAC Pilot Program Applicants: Convert the document to Portable Document Format (PDF) and attach it to your application after the research plan section. The application will be sent via email to Anshula Kesh.


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