Lay Reviewer Information

Updated:Apr 1,2015

Lay Reviewers

The Association has recently approved the participation of lay reviewers in its peer review process.  Lay stakeholders have a unique perspective that can help shape the AHA research agenda and strengthen its impact on our mission.   Lay reviewers are individuals without formal training as a scientist who have a strong interest in the prevention and/or management of heart disease and stroke. In the AHA peer review process, lay reviewers will specifically help to evaluate the potential impact of research applications to the mission of the AHA.

Lay Summary Form

The mission of the American Heart Association is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  Our mission drives everything we do. Accordingly, all applications for research funding will be assessed for their potential impact on the AHA mission.  This potential impact assessment will be based primarily on the lay summary information requested in each application. The lay summary will be reviewed for mission impact during the peer review process and may be assessed by a lay reviewer.  Therefore, applicants must state the potential impact of their proposed work on the American Heart Association mission clearly and in language that can be understood by a non-scientist.

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