Funds Available Procedural Policies & Standards

Updated:Oct 11,2015

The American Heart Association research funds will not be awarded to supplement or duplicate any work which is being supported by other funding agencies. They are intended to represent support for a well-defined, well-described research project.

Alternative (pending or planned applications)

An application must be identified as alternative if submitted to more than one granting agency for the same or closely related project and/or in which there are duplicated budgetary requests.  The applicant must indicate if the American Heart Association grant application is an alternative.

After the grant application is reviewed by the American Heart Association, the alternative designation of the project or the budget cannot be changed in order to accommodate any partial alternative funding.  The applicant is not allowed to adjust the scientific aims or budget of an American Heart Association application to accommodate any overlap resulting from funding of an alternative application by another funding agency.  The applicant can accept only one award if more than one is to be approved for funding.  After award activation, if a subsequent funding agency eliminates all overlap (scientific and budgetary), the awardee may keep the association award, pending review and approval by the Research Committee.

Overlap (active or approved applications)

An award must be identified as overlapping if it supports the same or a closely related project and/or in which there are duplicated budgetary requests.  The applicant must indicate if the association grant application has scientific or budgetary overlap with an active or approved award.  The applicant can accept the association grant only if he/she relinquishes the overlapping award.  Use of association funds to supplement budgets for a project that is already receiving a substantial amount of extramural support is contrary to established association standards.  Arbitrary compartmentalization of a large well-supported project into a discrete segment to compete for association funds will be critically examined.

Alternative/Overlap designation by Research Committee

Whether the applicant has declared an application as alternative or overlapping, the Research Committee may deem an application "alternative" (a pending award) or "overlapping" (with an active award) if there is any duplication of scientific aims or budget.  One-hundred percent duplication between applications is not a requirement for an application to be deemed "overlapping."


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