Collaborative Administrative Coordinator Letter of Support - 3 page maximum

Updated:Apr 1,2013

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Each Center must have a Collaborative Administrative Coordinator.  Although the Collaborative Administrative Coordinator is not required to hold a doctoral degree, he/she must be a staff member or faculty at the institution who brings demonstrated expertise in team-building and professional/organizational development skills to the collaborative process.

A letter of support from the Collaborative Administrative Coordinator for the Center must be provided to the Center Director for his/her application. 

The letter should include information regarding the Collaborative Administrative Coordinator’s leadership skills to bring team-building and professional/organizational development to the collaborative process.  The letter should outline their plans for collaborative meetings/interactions within their respective Center and their commitment to collaboration with other Centers chosen to participate in the Network.

Note: The applicant cannot submit his/her application without your documents; therefore, it is important that you meet the applicant's deadline. Send your documents electronically to the applicant.  The applicant will upload the documents to his/her application.  A document that exceeds the page limit will be rejected by our electronic application system.