Center Team Members

Updated:Oct 1,2013

Information on the key center team members consists of two documents uploaded as one into Grants@Heart

  1. Team Members’ Qualifications (no more than 2 pages)
    The members of the Center Team (other than the Center Director) consist of the Center Fellowship Training Director (if different from Center Director), the Principal Investigators of the proposed scientific projects, and any other key personnel involved in the administrative structure of the Center.

    Create a list of these individuals including each person’s name, degree(s), title at institution, institution name, role in the center, and a brief description of their qualifications and experience.

    Since Biographical Sketches of these members below or are included in the research projects applications (Project PI Biosketch), this two-page description should emphasize strengths not reflected there.

  2. Biographical Sketches of Center Team Members (maximum 5 pages per biosketch)

    Biographical sketches for Center Team Members (Center Training Director, Collaborating Investigators, Consultants, Other Professionals and key faculty involved in the training program) are required. Research project PIs will upload their biographical sketches in their respective applications. If these personnel have a current NIH Biographical Sketch, these should be saved as PDF documents for insertion into the application.

    If current NIH Biographical Sketches do not exist, documents may be created with a Word processor and converted into PDF files for insertion. Use the same format as the AHA Biographical Sketch (PI) form found on our website.

Combine all documents above into one PDF and upload to Grants@Heart.