Center Collaboration - 5 page maximum

Updated:Mar 25,2014

The center commitment to and history of collaboration consists of two documents uploaded as one into Grants@Heart. These sections can be broken down to any page length as long as when combined, they do not exceed 5 pages in total.

Centers selected for funding will be expected to interact and develop new hypotheses leading to collaborative projects.  The purpose of this initiative is designed to produce a network of interacting institutions and scientists for collaborative, multidisciplinary research related to hypertension. The collaborating centers are expected to share everything from “samples to ideas.” 

A major component of the centers will also be the interdisciplinary training of a new generation of scientists who, from their earliest experiences in research, will collaborate with other scientists through monthly meetings with established investigators and annual meetings with other investigators participating in the centers, and through the availability of on-site collaborations/training at other centers within the network.  The selected centers will be expected to work with the Oversight Advisory Committee to define the strategies for leadership in training and interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as a clear commitment to collaboration with other disciplines and other centers.

  1. Commitment to Collaboration
    A clear commitment to collaboration with other disciplines and other Strategically Focused Hypertension Research Centers is required. Describe how the interactions among the basic, clinical, population and/or translational team members will be organized and promoted. Describe how the Center will support interactions among the four Strategically Focused Hypertension Research Centers in the Network, and describe plans to develop productive collaboration among Center investigators.
  2. History of Collaboration
    Describe the track record of collaboration in the institution and affiliated institutions, if applicable. Examples of collaborative successes will be helpful. Describe the track record of collaboration with other institutions. Also, list collaborative research projects undertaken that have resulted in joint research awards and/or joint publications in the past three-five years.

Combine above documents into one PDF and upload to Grants@Heart.