Biographical Sketch/Bibliography (EIA Applicants)

Updated:Apr 15,2015

Biographical Sketch/Bibliography - No page limit

Due to the nature of the Established Investigator Award, the Biographical Sketch has no page limit.  A complete Biographical Sketch and Bibliography is required.

Create the Biographical Sketch using the format below as a guide.  Use the bolded items as a heading for each section.  Create a word processed document.  Convert the document to Portable Document Format (PDF) and upload it to Grants@Heart.


Applicant/PI's Name:  (First) (Middle) (Last) (Jr./Sr./etc.) (Degrees)

Position Title:

Education/Training (Begin with entry into college and include postdoctoral training.)

Institution & Location

Dates Attended

Degree (if applicable)

Conferred (mm/yyyy)

Field of Study
















Variances from Ordinary Career Progression (if applicable);  Include part-time work.

If you have any extenuating circumstances that affect your eligibility for the EIA program, explain these circumstances.  Explain personal variances from ordinary career progression, for example, child-rearing years, military service, unusual circumstances that led to gaps in research experience.  It is incumbent upon the applicant to make a convincing justification of eligibility.  If you have had a name change (changed your name for any reason) and your name does not match the name on your publications, please address this briefly here.  (For instance, your publication history reflects your maiden name and you have recently married and begun publishing under your married name.)

If an applicant does not have a full-time faculty/staff appointment at the non-profit institution where the research will be performed (for example, has a part-time appointment or joint appointment), be sure to address this here.  When the applicant does not appear to hold a full-time faculty/staff appointment, the peer review committee will review portions of the application to determine if the research project can be accomplished and if the intent of the EIA award can be met.  These portions of the application will include:  applicant information regarding titles/academic position (or equivalent), administrative information provided regarding percent of time applicant spends on research and other activities, and the PI’s Biographical Sketch.


Professional Experience and Funding

  1. List employment since baccalaureate in chronological order.  Include organization, department, your title, your supervisor's name, and start/end dates.
  2. List academic and professional honors.
  3. List all prior and current independent national-level awards (for which you were/are the Principal Investigator).  Specify agency, name of the award, project title, and dates of the award.  


Submit a complete Bibliography.  List in chronological order: 

  • Articles accepted for publication (may be listed)
  • Publications should be limited to peer-reviewed journals and books.  Do not list abstracts.  List authors in the same order as they appear on the paper --
    The title
    The name of the book or journal
    Volume number
    Page numbers
    Year of publication
Place an asterisk beside your three most important works on your complete bibliography listing.  Asterisk only 3 publications for which you are the primary author or senior author.  Note: The 3 publications that are asterisked are the 3 publications that you must upload as supporting documents.


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