Biographical Sketch/Bibliography - Collaborative Sciences Award - 5 pg

Updated:Sep 16,2015

For the Collaborative Science Award, each co-principal investigator should provide a biosketch. Each Co-PI must upload their own biosketch (5 page maximum per biosketch).

The information required in the Biographical Sketch is similar in format to the PHS SF424 (R&R) Biographical Sketch used by the NIH. If you have a copy of a current biographical sketch that you submitted with an NIH application, you may use it, however, please note Item 1 below (Variances from Ordinary Career Progression). If any of these circumstances apply to you, be sure to add this information to the Biographical Sketch provided to the AHA (within the 5 pages allowed).

If you don't have an NIH biographical sketch, create a document using the format below as a guide. The bolded items should be used as sub-headings.

Convert the document to Portable Document Format (pdf) prior to uploading to Grants@Heart. Do not exceed 5 pages (per Co-PI biosketch).


Applicant/PI's Name:  (First) (Middle) (Last) (Jr./Sr./etc.) (Degrees)

Position Title:

Education/Training (Begin with entry into college and include postdoctoral training.)


Institution & Location

Dates Attended

Degree (if applicable)

Conferred (mm/yyyy)

Field of Study
















  1. Variances from Ordinary Career Progression (complete if applicable)
    Address personal variances from ordinary career progression, including part-time work, child-rearing years, military service, unusual circumstances that led to gaps in research experience.  If you have had a name change (changed your name for any reason) and your name does not match the name on your publications, please address this briefly here.  (For instance, your publication history reflects your maiden name and you have recently married and begun publishing under your married name.)
  2. Positions/Employment, Memberships and Honors
    List in chronological order previous positions, concluding with your present position.  Include start/end dates, position title, name of organization and department.  List other experience and professional memberships, and academic/professional honors received. If necessary, senior applicants may list previous employment for the past 15 years and should be selective regarding memberships/honors.
  3. Peer Reviewed Publications
    List in chronological order, selected peer-reviewed publications.  Do not include publications submitted or in preparation.
    Note: Fellowship applicants should list all significant earlier publications even if they are not relevant to the proposed project (unless the page limit will be exceeded).  Articles accepted for publication and abstracts may be listed.  If you have no publications, indicate NONE in this item.
  4. Research Support
    List selected ongoing or completed (during the last three years) research projects.  Give project number, agency, title of project, and dates of award.  Then, briefly indicate the overall goals of the project and your role (e.g., PI, co-investigator, consultant) in the research project.  Do not list award amounts or percent effort in projects.  If you have no research support, indicate NONE in this item.

Upload your pdf document to Grants@Heart.