Applicant's Publications

Updated:Oct 21,2014

An applicant may submit up to three publications to support the proposal.  Up to six publications are allowed for the Collaborative Science Award.  If you do not have publications considered pertinent to the proposal, you may submit three other publications which best represent your work.  These publications may be Published or In Press (meaning that it was accepted for publication, but the publication has yet to be distributed).

AHA will not accept a publication in Submission (under review for potential publication).  However, if a Submitted paper is approved for publication prior to AHA Peer Review, the AHA peer review staff will convey this information to the reviewers, provided that the applicant sends to AHA an official e-mail notification from the publisher.  AHA will not accept a copy of the article.

Abstracts are acceptable for junior applicants (such as fellows, Fellow-to-Faculty, Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award, Scientist Development Grant applicants).

Undergraduate students or predoctoral fellows may have none; if so, create a Portable Document Format (pdf) that states "None" and upload it.

For the Collaborative Science Award program, the co-principal investigators should determine the six publications that best support your application.  The publications do not have to be divided evenly between co-principal investigators.

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