Programs by Funding Component

Updated:May 1,2015

Programs are offered by National and seven affiliates.  View the Affiliate List by State.

The following is a list of the AHA's research programs.  Only those with active links are being offered for Summer 2015 deadlines

Click on the program name to view the description, eligibility, budget, peer review criteria, etc.

Founders Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Founders Affiliate Mentored & Clinical Population Research Award
Founders Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Founders Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Founders Affiliate Scientist Development Grant

Great Rivers Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Great Rivers Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Great Rivers Affiliate Undergraduate Student Research Program

Greater Southeast Affiliate Health Sciences Fellowship
Greater Southeast Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Greater Southeast Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship

Mid-Atlantic Affiliate - no Summer 2015 program offerings.

Midwest Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Midwest Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship

National Established Investigator Award
National Innovative Research Grant
National Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award
National Scientist Development Grant
National Strategically Focused Women Network

SouthWest Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
SouthWest Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
SouthWest Affiliate Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award
SouthWest Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
SouthWest Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship

Western States Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
Western States Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Western States Affiliate Mentored Clinical & Population Research Award
Western States Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Western States Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship