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Updated:Feb 8,2013

Contact Information:
For Grants@Heart login issues/assistance, call toll free (888) 242-2453 and press 2.
Go here for help with eligibility and program questions. 

Help Documents for Applicant/Principal Investigator

  • Application Deadlines
  • Applicant Information Guide
  • Career Stages
  • How to Register Login Issues
  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Important Information about Grants@Heart

Help Documents for Grants Officer

With our new electronic application system, a grants officer can view all applications associated with his/her institution.  The grants officer is responsible for submitting these applications to the American Heart Association.

We highly recommend the grants officer establish an internal (institutional) deadline for applicants to allow time for review of the application, possible rejection of an application if it requires clarification, and final submission.

  • Application Deadlines
  • How to Register
  • Login Issues
  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Contact Information
  • Important Information about Grants@Heart
  • Policies Governing Research Awards
  • Viewing, Approving and Submitting Applications to AHA


Other Useful Information
Grants@Heart Gateway is a publication of tips and information for applicants, grants and fiscal officers, and certain third parties. See archived copies here.