Important Information about Grants@Heart for Grants Officers

Updated:Oct 11,2015

Grants@Heart is the online electronic application system for the American Heart Association.  You can access Grants@Heart 24/7 with Internet connection and a Web browser. 

  • You must register with the Grants@Heart system if you have not already done so.  If you have already registered but have forgotten your username/password visit the How to Register or Login to Grants@Heart page. 
  • The system will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • You may save Grants@Heart ( as a favorite on your computer, but you will have to log in each time you go to the site (for security purposes).
  • If you have been selected by an applicant as his/her Grants Officer, you are responsible for submitting his/her application to the American Heart Association through Grants@Heart.
  • The deadline time for all applications is 5:00 p.m. Central Time on the designated deadline date

    It is highly recommended that you set an internal deadline for applicants from your institution.  This will allow you time to review, approve and submit the applications to the AHA by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on the deadline date.
  • To view the program description, eligibility and peer review criteria, go to the Funding Opportunities page and select the program.
  • The system will not allow an applicant to submit an incomplete application to the grants officer.  All sections must be completed for the system to allow an application to be submitted to the grants officer. 

    Please note: Reference documents are not required at the time of application submission.  Referent have until February 2, 2016 to submit his/her reference letter or report in Grants@Heart.
  • The system will not allow an applicant to upload a document that exceeds the page limitation or does not meet the required file type.
  • If you are the selected grants officer on an application, you may perform various tasks: 

    1) view an application as it is being prepared
    2) search for applications that have been completed and are ready for your review and submission to the AHA
    3) decline/reject an application, which will be returned to the applicant for modifications
    4) ) approve an application for submission to the American Heart Association
  • When you view any application, key information about the application is displayed at the top of the screen. This information includes the applicant's name, application ID number, the AHA component and program the investigator is applying to and the application deadline date for this specific program.
  • Once an application has been submitted to the American Heart Association by the grants officer in Grants@Heart, it cannot be modified or changed in any way.   However, the grants officer and applicant can still view the application at any time by logging-on. 
  • Functionality has been added to Grants@Heart to allow investigators to print their application for institutional use. The printed copy should not be used to check the formatting requirements of the application documents. The printed copy may have blank pages and fields. The electronic version of the application in Grants@Heart is the official version of the proposal. A printed copy will NOT be accepted as a form of application submission.

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The Grants@Heart site is a web-based
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Contact us for questions/inquiries about programs and login issues/assistance.

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