2010 Award Activation

Updated:Feb 15,2013

Program Descriptions - January 2010 Award Activation

Application Deadline: July 2009
Award Activation: January 2010

Midwest Affiliate
Predoctoral FellowshipPostdoctoral Fellowship

Clinical Research ProgramScientist Development Grant

Pacific Mountain Affiliate
Beginning Grant-in-AidGrant-in-AidPredoctoral FellowshipPostdoctoral Fellowship

Program Descriptions - June and July 2010 Award Activation

Founders Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Founders Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Founders Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Founders Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Founders Affiliate Scientist Development Grant
Great Rivers Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
Great Rivers Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Great Rivers Affiliate Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)(Award Activation:  June 1, 2010)
Great Rivers Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Great Rivers Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Greater Southeast Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Greater Southeast Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Greater Southeast Affiliate Health Science Student Fellowship
(Award Activation:  June 1, 2010)
Greater Southeast Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Greater Southeast Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Midwest Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Midwest Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Midwest Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Midwest Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Midwest Affiliate Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship
(Award Activation:  June 1, 2010)
Midwest Affiliate Scientist Development Grant
National Fellow-to-Faculty Transition Award
National Scientist Development Grant
National Innovative Research Grant
Pacific Mountain Affiliate Clinical Research Program
Pacific Mountain Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
Pacific Mountain Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Pacific Mountain Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Pacific Mountain Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
South Central Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid
South Central Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
South Central Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
South Central Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship
Western States Affiliate Beginning Grant-in-Aid 
Western States Affiliate Clinical Research Program 
Western States Affiliate Grant-in-Aid
Western States Affiliate Predoctoral Fellowship
Western States Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship



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