AHA-Pharmaceutical Roundtable

Updated:Jun 4,2014

Pharmaceutical Roundtable Award Recipients

The American Heart Association Pharmaceutical Roundtable (PRT) is a strategic coalition of 10 leading pharmaceutical companies and association volunteers and staff.  It allows our association and members of the pharmaceutical industry to identify and pursue common objectives to improve cardiovascular health in the United States through research, patient education, and public and professional programs.  Since its inception in 1988, this premier corporate funding group for the National Research Program has committed more than $60 million to cardiovascular and stroke research.  The current members are listed below in the order in which they joined:
  1. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  2. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  3. AstraZeneca
  4. Merck
  5. GlaxoSmithKline
  6. Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  7. Pfizer, Inc.
  8. sanofi aventis
  9. Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals
  10. Eli Lilly and Company

PRT Programs

AHAPharmaceutical Roundtable-Spina Outcomes Research Centers - 2011
Fellowship applicants should be exceptional and highly motivated and seek advanced research training and experience to become leaders in cardiovascular disease or stroke outcomes research. The AHA/PRT-Spina Outcomes Research Centers' Fellowship Training Programs are intensive experiences that will prepare post-doctoral scholars for careers in outcomes research. All centers' training programs include substantial protected time for research and formal mentorship from experienced faculty. Fellows will design and complete one or more independent research studies during their fellowship. Each training program also includes opportunities for didactic training, as well as cross-center training through a collaborative network that the four centers (Duke University, Mid America Heart Institute, Stanford University-Kaiser Permanente, University of California Los Angeles) have established for research training.

AHA-Pharmaceutical Roundtable Outcomes Research Centers - 2008

The American Heart Association and its Pharmaceutical Roundtable have awarded grants totaling $14.5 million for the Outcomes Research Centers initiative.  The project will provide a network for cardiovascular and stroke research focusing on the end results, or outcomes, of healthcare for people with or at risk for heart disease and stroke. The initiative is supported in part by a generous gift from American Heart Association national board member David Spina and his wife, Stevie Spina, of Wayland, Mass.   

It’s expected that the interaction among the centers will provide in-depth knowledge and support breakthroughs in outcomes research, while uncovering challenges and successful mechanisms for active collaboration among research centers.  Over the next four years, these four centers will conduct research to determine what interventions, environments, patient factors and other issue most influence improvements in healthcare outcomes for heart disease and stroke patients.  Center investigators will meet regularly and share information with each other, as well as provide training for research fellows. 

The Outcomes Centers research will explore those interventions and activities that work best and provide the most value in improving healthcare outcomes.  The results of the collaborative effort will ultimately contribute to informed practice and policy decisions by patients, providers, payers and legislators.

AHA-Pharmaceutical Roundtable Award
Career Development in Implementation Research In Prevention, Outcomes & Quality Of Care - 2006

The initiative stimulated career development in investigators interested in implementation research in primary and secondary prevention and quality of care.  An essential component of this initiative was the specific training and career development of beginning investigators, or those making mid-career transitions, in implementation research applying scientifically proven interventions in human cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention, treatment and outcomes.  The awards were for a maximum of $600,000 each for up to four years of funding.

AHA-PRT Patient Care and Outcomes Research Program - 1999, 2002

The Patient Care and Outcomes Research Program, sponsored by AHA Pharmaceutical Roundtable members, was offered in 1998. Twenty-one awards were activated in January 1999 and ended in 2001. An additional 10 awards were activated in January 2002.  The awards were for a maximum of $500,000 each for up to three years of funding. 

The program stimulates innovative and methodologically rigorous outcomes research relevant to preventing or treating cardiovascular disease or stroke.

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