Affilliate Research Program Award Commitments

Updated:Feb 9,2012

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The American Heart Association's affiliates provide research support for scientists throughout the United States. The funding mechanisms vary from affiliate to affiliate, but most programs help beginning investigators develop research careers or fund research projects investigating the broad field of cardiovascular function, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Awards are available for individuals working in clinical, basic sciences, health sciences, bioengineering/ biotechnology and public health problems.

For information on affiliate program offerings  visit our Funding Opportunities page.

The following information summarizes the American Heart Association affiliate commitment to research in number of awards and award amounts.

Beginning Grant-in-Aid - Four affiliates promote the independent status of promising beginning scientists
2010-11 New Awards:  51 ($2.78 million)
2010-11 Continuing Awarads:  38 ($2.57 million)

Clinical Research Program -  
All affiliates encourage early career investigators to engage in high-quality introductory and pilot clinical studies. 
2010-11 New Awards:  35 ($964,000)
2010-11 Continuing Awards:  17 ($1.03 million)

Grant-in-Aid - Six affiliates support innovative, highly meritorious cardiovascular and stroke research projects form indepencent investigators.
2010-11 New Awards:  129 ($7.29 million)
2010-11 Continuing Grants:  171 ($11.9  million)

Medical Student Research Program - The Western States Affiliate encourages promising students to consider an academic career in CVD/stroke research.
2010-11 New Awards:  5 ($74,500)

Postdoctoral Fellowship - All affiliates provide training for an encourage the pursuit of research careers.
2010-11 New Awards:  275 ($9.6 million)
2010-11 Continuing Awards:  223 ($9.7 million)

Predoctoral Fellowship - All affiliates help students initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research.
2010-11 New Awards:  260 ($4.9 million)
2010-11 Continuing Awards:  213 ($4.56 million)

Scientist Development Grant - Two affiliates help promising beginning scientists move from completion of research training to independent investigators.
2010-11 New Awards:  5 ($272,000)
2010-11 Continuing Awards:  26 ($1.79 Million)

Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Three affiliates help students initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research.
2010-11 New Awards:  45 ($260,000)
2010-11 Continuing Awards:  5 ($200,000)

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