Fellowship - Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia

Fellowship provides a mean to recognize and award Premium Professional members for excellence, innovative and sustained contributions in the areas of scholarship, practice and/or education, and volunteer service and/or leadership within the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA). International members may be nominated for International Fellowship and may demonstrate volunteer service and/or leadership in similar societies within their own countries.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for consideration AHA/ASA Fellowship, the candidate must meet each of the following eligibility requirements at the time of application:

  1. Be a member at the Premium Professional or Premium Professional Plus level
  2. Dues are up-to-date.
  3. Be affiliated with the Council through which the application is being submitted.
  4. Has been a member of the AHA/ASA for a minimum of 2 years; the 2-years need not be consecutive.
Please note that the Awards/Fellowship System will validate the eligibility requirements prior to beginning the peer Review process; applications that do not meet each of the eligibility requirements will not be submitted to the Peer Review Committee for consideration. To confirm your membership status, please contact Membership Customer Service at ahacustomerservice@lww.com
or call (800) 787-8984 (Inside U.S.) / (301) 223-2307 (Outside U.S.)


Candidates applying for AHA/ASA Fellowship through the Council on Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia (CVSA) must be making meritorious contributions in the area of cardio-thoracic surgery, vascular surgery or anesthesia as evidenced by:

  1. Scientists must have two peer-reviewed publications in the last 3 years in cardio-thoracic or vascular surgery, or anesthesia.
  2. Clinicians who have been board-certified for the last 3 years.
  3. Candidates must be able to demonstrate significant and current service to AHA:
  • Committee Participation: Active participation on committees, boards, and/or task forces.
  • Development and Fundraising: Active participation in Heart Walks, galas, etc.
  • Advocacy Efforts: Active participation in You're the Cure grassroots efforts.
  • Educational Programs for Professionals and Lay People:  Abstract grading, writing groups, speakers' bureaus, and Get With the Guidelines.
  • Peer Review: AHA/ASA journals and research grants.
  • International candidates must be able to show evidence of significant and current and/or past volunteer service in similar organizations and societies in their respective countries or through other avenues of community involvement as long as these are well documented and perceived as equivalent to those in the U.S.
Please note that attending and/or presenting at the AHA Scientific Session or other AHA sponsored conference is not considered volunteer service.

Application Submission Deadlines

The CVSA Council considers applications for AHA Fellowship during the spring and fall of each year. Applications may be submitted through the Council Awards & FAHA Application System.
  • Spring Review Cycle:  January 10, 11 p.m. Central Time
  • Fall Review Cycle:   July 10, 11 p.m. Central Time

How to Apply

Candidates may be proposed by any active AHA/ASA Fellow (dues and print subscription [if applicable] are up-to-date) or Emeritus Fellow (Emeritus Fellows are exempt from paying dues and maintaining a print journal subscription) who is well acquainted with the candidate's professional activities and volunteer involvement in the AHA/ASA or international society. To apply for AHA Fellowship, please follow the procedures below; for assistance with login or your username/password, please contact Customer Service at sessionadmin@heart.org or call 888- 242-2453 (Inside U.S.) or 214-570-5935 (Outside U.S.):

  1. Sign in with your Professional Heart Daily username and password to apply online through the Council Awards & FAHA Application System
  2. Complete all sections of the application in order to avoid delay. Incomplete applications cannot be successfully submitted.
  3. Attach documentation as required. Applications that do not include the required documents cannot be successfully submitted:
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Scientist candidates must submit complete bibliography
  • Scientist candidates must submit one (1) recent reprint as senior author that is relative to the general problem of to the general area of quality of care and outcomes research.
  • Clinical candidates must submit documentation of formal training and/or experience in a relevant clinical specialty.
  • A letter of recommendation from your proposer. The letter must clearly articulate how the candidate meets each of the criteria, be written on business letterhead and signed by the proposer (electronic signature is acceptable).
  • Head and shoulder photograph. Please note that the photograph may be used to recognize newly elected Fellows in Connections and Professional Heart Daily web site. 

Locate a Proposer

Locate AHA/ASA Fellows by name or council in the online Membership Directory. To access the AHA online membership directory:

  1. Log into professional.heart.org with an active login
  2. Chose Membership Directory from the left-hand navigation on your dashboard page
  3. Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link
  4. On the Member Type field, click the arrow to drop down the selection list
  5. Select the Fellow category you are searching for to populate the field
  6. Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page

Peer Review and Election Process

Fellowship applications are peer reviewed by the Membership Committee during the spring and fall of each year. A slate containing the names of candidates that meet the eligibility requirements and criteria is then presented to the Leadership Committee for election its bi-annual meetings. Candidates will be advised of the status of their application via email in late April (spring review cycle) and mid-October (fall review cycle).

Recognition and Acknowledgement

Newly elected Fellows will be recognized at the Annual Council Dinner held during the AHA Scientific Sessions; new FAHAs are strongly encouraged to attend this event.

FAHA Benefits

In addition to Premium Professional member benefits, AHA//ASA FAHAs receive:

  1. Recognition by peers for contributions that support the AHA's mission.
  2. Entitlement to use the designation FAHA.
  3. An 8 x 11 certificate to commemorate the achievement.
  4. Early registration to attend the AHA Scientific Sessions, International Stroke Conference, and other AHA Council sponsored meetings.
  5. Access to the FAHA lounge at Scientific Sessions
  6. Eligibility to nominate candidates for FAHA.

Annual Membership Dues/Fellowship Maintenance

AHA Fellows elected through the CVSA Council are required to maintain membership at the Premium Professional or Premium Professional Plus level. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the suspension of active Fellowship status.


Contact the AHA Fellowship Desk:

Email: Professional.Membership@Heart.org
Phone: (214)706-1306

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