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Gordon F. Tomaselli, MD, FAHA

Mariell Jessup, MD, FAHA

Join Now Button "It's more than just the professional life; it's the network of colleagues and friends that you develop in this organization, both at the local level and at the national level."
-Gordon F. Tomaselli

Elliott Antman, MD, FAHA

Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH, FAHA

Raina Merchant, MD, MSHP

"The American Heart Association is very committed to developing the careers of young individuals who are interested in cardiovascular medicine."
- Elliott Antman

Jason Yuan, MD, PhD, FAHA

Diane Treat-Jacobson, PhD, RN, FAHA

Benjamin Abella, MD, MPH, MPhil, FAHA


Mintu Turakhia, MD, MAS

Mouaz Al-Mallah, MD, MSc

Joshua A. Beckman, MD, MS

  As a member, there is a lot of educational
material that you get access to on the
Web and networking possibilties…
 - Mouaz Al-Mallah

Being a member of the AHA provides
several different advantages…
 - Joshua Beckman

Tracy Y. Wang, MD, MHS

Emmanuel Buys, PhD

Elaine E. Steinke, PhD, RN

I've been a member for a very long time now,
and it's been a different perspective every year…
 - Tracy Wang

It's beneficial to be an
early career member because…
 - Emmanuel Buys
I think there's great advantages to being an 
AHA member, including easy access to
evidenced-based guidelines
and clinical information…
 - Elaine Steinke

Stephen Cook, PhD

Harry Dauerman, MD, FAHA

Barry Franklin, PhD

 The advantages I receive from the AHA is
not only the chance to network at meetings,
but also the access to the online literature
as well as the online materials for personal development, professional development
and patient education information.
 - Stephen Cook

“I have been a fellow of the American Heart Association for a long time and there are multiple competing societies all have special importance to interventional cardiologists….”
-Harry Dauerman

 I have been a member for over 30 years and
have had learning and leadership
opportunities I never dreamed about.
 - Barry Franklin

Linda Gillam, MD, FAHA

Edward Havranek, MD, FAHA

John S. Ikonomidis, MD, PhD

I receive many advantages for being a
member of the AHA.  The first and probably
most important is being part of a community
of professionals  who are dedicated to reducing
the burden of heart disease and stroke. 
 - Linda Gillam

The main advantage of being a member of
the AHA is that it gives me a chance to
make a difference in people's lives…
 - Edward Havranek

Fellowship demonstrates
a measure of succes…
 - John Ikonomidis

Litsa Kranias, PhD, FAHA

Sylvia Rosas, MD

Larry Rudel, PhD, FAHA

It's very important to join AHA
when you're young because you can
really find out about what's going
on in the cardiovascular arena…
 - Litsa Kranias

The advantages of being a member
of the AHA are...
 - Sylvia Rosas
AHA is a wonderful organization that helps
us work with our young investigators in our
council on research funding and research input…
 - Larry Rudel

Jeffrey L. Saver, MD, FAHA

Ken Bloch, MD, FAHA

Xiongwen Chen PhD, MS

 You are able to network with your
professional colleagues across the
country and the world…
 - Jeffrey Saver
There are many advantages and benefits
to being a member of AHA.  They include
opportunites to come to Sessions…
 - Ken Bloch

AHA is a home for all researchers and clinicians caring for patients with cardiovascular disease
and doing basic research…
 - Xiongwen Chen