Thoracic Aortic Disease (TAD)

Updated:Mar 18,2011

2010 ACCF/AHA/AATS/ACR/ASA/SCA/SCAI/SIR/STS/SVM Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Patients With Thoracic Aortic Disease

  • These guidelines are the first to address the diagnosis and management of thoracic aortic disease (TAD).
  • How does your first-choice diagnostic test vary by presenting symptoms?
  • When does your medically managed patient become a surgically managed patient?
  • Should you, and when should you, seek genetic screening on TAD patients?

Supporting Materials
CommentaryTop 10 Things To Know | Slide Set |   Video: TAD Guidelines' Scope and Goals| Video: Thoracic Aortic Disease Overview | Video: TAD Guidelines' Recommendations for Clinicians | Video: TAD Conclusion | News Release | AHA Statements on Aneurysm | AHA Statements on Genetics


The TAD Coalition* was organized specifically to promote the TAD Guidelines and to help assure that people with aortic disease get the highest quality of care.

*This link is provided for convenience only, and is not an endorsements of either the linked-to entity or any product or service.

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