Promoting Self-Care in Heart Failure

Updated:Apr 18,2011
Promoting Self-Care in Heart Failure

Circ Journal Cover for Science News

  • Challenges current health care practices and reimbursement polices
  • Offers a focused approach for implementing self-care evidence-based interventions
  • Explores investigative methods for testing the contribution of self care on outcome

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Supporting Materials

Featured Research from the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2009

  • Effect of a nurse-led multidisciplinary heart failure clinic on professional practice: a randomized trial.
    Doyon (Trois-Rivieres, Calif.)
    Link to Abstract
  • Predictors of outcome in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: findings from the Irbesartan in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction trial (I-PRESERVE).
    P E Carson (Washington, U.S.)
    Link to Abstract


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